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Beginning in May of this year, Eliot Crowley and a group of ten fellow photographers have begun playing what they refer to as the Daily Photo Game.  Each day one photographer will post an image that is related to the previous day’s image.  So, an image of a deer in the wild one day might be responded to with an image of a forest.  Apart from just being for fun, the game helps the players keep their photo skills sharp.  It also has changed the way they perceive the world from behind the lens.  “I find myself creating images I otherwise wouldn’t have thought to if not for this game,” reflects Eliot.  Since the game’s inception not one day has gone by without an image being posted, an impressive feat in this day and age.  Click here to check out all the images the players have posted.  For more in-depth coverage of the game, read the full article over at the FoundFolios Blog.

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  • It is an honor to be mentioned here on the APA site. Thank you. I can tell you “playing” the daily photo game has been a real joy and inspiration. The other 9 photographers share a couple of common threads but we are scattered all over the country. True most of us are in Southern California but one is from North Carolina, another lives in Chicago and still one more in Portland Oregon. Having that geographical diversity has also been a wonderful addition to our game pieces, as I like to call them.

    I’m sure each photographer or player has their own strategy about how to play this game. It is supposed to be a game and as such has offense and defense. Mine is to shoot things in anticipation of being able to play them one day. This has gotten me out of that chair in front of my computer and into the world with my camera, just in anticipation. Because of my defensive play I have made many more photographs than I might have. Because of my defensive play I have made photographs I have been thinking about for years sometimes and other times just days. Because of my defensive play I have started a completely new project and completed 3 samples of that project. I am excited and thrilled each day I am making images in anticipation of playing it in the game.

    This experience has taken me back to the days when photography was done exclusively for my own pleasure, before it turned into a job, when I was 12 years old.

    Probably like many photographers there have been times when I realize I haven’t picked up my camera for myself in a very long time. Now I get to pick it up any time I want, and for a good reason, just me. Oh yes, and the game.

  • I follow Eliot. At first I experienced a bit of terror while waiting to see what he submits. Can I answer with an image that makes sense? Will I have enough time to create a new image? Several times I’ve been traveling in airports on my day to shoot. Sometimes I have an easy day and the image comes quickly, and others I struggle. If at all possible, I try to set aside the day just to photograph for the game. I often shoot many ideas, some I’ve been wanting to shoot for years. Some I use and some days I wish I could submit more than one image. i don’t shoot in advance, I wait to see what comes up when it’s my day. Eliot, give me your best shot!

  • Thanks APA for the mention.

    The Daily Photo Game is a group of 10 pro photographers in visual conversation. The last image posted influences the next and is produced within 24hrs. Playing the “Game” is proving to be a rewarding experience for me, it keeps my conceptual juices flowing and I am creating some excellent work that I am very proud of. Much of this work is currently featured on my new website.

    This opportunity to engage with other photographers – many of which are willing to challenge themselves and each other – and indeed to take that challenge to the marketplace in an persuasive display of imagery, supports our mission statement… “As Perception Changes”. This lofty goal gives us something to aim at, a raison d’etre, one that we hope resonates with art buyers and the audience in general.

    Previously, I had few motivations to pick up a camera for personal work, I always had the programming that “I get paid to make pictures”. While this served me well in previous years, the recession and fundamental shifts in our industry, have made this an imperfect program, one that needed amending. I shared these thoughts with Eliot one day and it, seems to have resonated with him as well, next thing I heard, he was pitching the Game idea. Now we all are “Getting into the Game”. Thanks Eliot for getting me off my butt.

  • Some days I shoot and some days I don’t….but as a participant in The Daily Photo Game, I know that I’ll shoot for myself a minimum of every 10 days. It has become one of my favorite events on my calendar, and I often look ahead only to realize that I may have a job that day, or perhaps a personal commitment of some type. But that doesn’t change the fact that when my day comes I WILL post an image. Although I shoot often with my phone and have a constant presence on Instagram and other social media, there’s something about TDPG that is very special. I like to say about my commercial life that “the job is the boss”. Every 10 days there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s my boss, ’cause I will be following his visual lead and sometimes the lead of two or three before him. I follow Blue, and he gives me plenty to think about!

  • Way to go guys, this is really inspirational! After 17 years of shooting to be paid, it can be weeks, even months, at a time that I go without shooting for fun. I forget sometimes how lucky I am to make a living doing what I love and I sometimes need to find a way to get back to loving it. Forgive me, but I’m going to be borrowing your idea — or at least using it as a starting point. Nice work all!

    Seattle, WA

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