Big win for the photographer’s rights. Morel vs AFP and Getty Copyright Verdict: Defense Strategy to Devalue Photos and Vilify Photographer Backfires (PDN)

APA is spearheading efforts to create a Reproduction Rights Organization for individual rightsholders in the US. APA , ASMP and other visual arts associations recently attended the IFFRO (international Federation of Reproductive Rights Organizations) conference and met with RROs.

APA’s got your back. When social media started buzzing about the terms of use on LiveBooks contract, APA immediately took action. We reached out to LiveBooks as well and reviewed wording with their representative as well as an APA attorney. Livebooks reacted quickly and changed the terms.

2 comments to Advocacy

  • As a lifetime member of ASMP and having worked with legislators regarding the Orphan Works and Trademark issue please let me know if I can be of any assistance regarding RRO.

    Frank Flavin

  • I hope that this works. It is the last hope that this profession will survive in any form. A photographer can be protected only by all photographers linking together. None of us can stand successfully against the thieves. It has to be all of us standing together.

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