In this edition of InsideAPA, March 2011

As spring returns to my neck-of-the-woods here in Atlanta I often am amazed in how refreshed Mother Nature makes our environment.  With all the natural disasters and the man made disasters we experience and hear in the news, it’s wonderful to see change in the air.

There are a couple of articles in this issue of InsideAPA that remind us of our own need to change and experience that may help our business. First, our National President, Theresa Raffetto, reflects on a recent experience of hers on collaboration and how it has lead to new ventures and continues to evolve. ADBASE brings to our attention how social media can be used in our creative business in their article Friends and Other Strangers:  Facebook Strategies for Artists.

Dripbook has contributed with news of their new APP for iPad and IPhone that provides a professional portfolio ready for display at all times. Please take a moment to check out the March APA promotion for SearchAPA and see how your find a photographer system is sent to the top creatives in the world.

Our Copyright: Know It or Blow It event continues to cross the country. March has seen the event in Denver and Atlanta and will be in Charlotte, NC on the 19th of the month.  On April 9 it will be in Los Angeles and on April 10 you may catch it in San Diego.  Look for it in Chicago on May 7 and soon it will be presented in San Francisco and Seattle.

APA is also excited to work with Sony on bringing Get More Work…Photo Assistant Basic Training. Four APA Chapter cities will be hosting this event in 2011. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York will host this event. It’s a great opportunity for students and assistants to get a jump on the competition. You’ll get to work with APA Member Astor Morgan and Sony Artisan’s Matthew Jordan Smith and Brian Smith on what it takes to be a professional, in demand assistant.

Enjoy this issue and have a great Spring.

Stephen Best, APA National CEO


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