Get More Work - Photo Assistant Basic Training

Sony Artisans of Imagery Matthew Jordan Smith and Brian Smith along with APA New York Chapter Rep and photographer Tony Gale to present Photo Assistant Basic Training, developed and offered for years by APA chapters.

Get a major head start on a career in the photo industry.

With panel discussions, equipment demonstrations from industry experts, and hands-on training, attendees will come away with the essential knowledge and confidence to build your own Pro Assistant reputation. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of professional assisting behavioral guidelines, including contemporary set-etiquette, and discover how this valuable training will get you more call-backs – more repeat clients – more work.

Master Assisting professionalism. Get booked solid.






Kicks off with the popular “Assistant Panel” which includes experts on working as a photo assistant. Get real world answers to all questions from the attendees. Following the panel discussion will be exciting live software and equipment demonstrations with industry reps from Sony, Profoto, and Adobe. Learn from the pros. Industry reps will be on hand to answer all your questions.


Full on, hands-on workshops with much of the gear an assistant will most likely encounter on the majority of professional photo shoots. Many aspects of assisting will be explained in great detail, i.e. strobes, hot lights, flags, scrims, set etiqutte, the assistant kit, tips on getting work, billing, and how to deal with the dreaded cancellation. Following classroom discussion and demonstrations, participants will work along side the Pro Photographers to discover crucial pro assisting skills.

Separate Registration for each day required.


APA Members – FREE

Non-members – $40


APA Members – $40

Non-Members – $80

2 comments to Get More Work – Photo Assistant Basic Training

  • Geoff

    “Get More Work” & “Get Booked solid”

    Interesting, what proof can you provide that my attending this event will ensure that I will “Get More Work” & “Get Booked solid” as stated in your promotion.
    Surely APA is a huge fan of truth in advertising.
    Cause it sounds like I would be paying $120 for 2 days of listening to sales reps more so than doing anything that would involve my learning any type of marketable skills.

  • We feel that attendance to the Get More Work: Photo Assistant Basic Training will provide additional tools to help any assistant improve their ability to improve their business. The information is top-rate and the sharing of that information from the panel and workshop instructors is excellent. I’m sure an attendee will get many valuable pointers to help them succeed.
    Stephen Best
    APA National CEO

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