7 Reasons Why Social Media Aint Working for Your Photography Business from PhotoShelter

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Photographers are spending a ton of time online these days “promoting” our businesses through social media.  So how do you know if social media is working for your photography business?  Not sure?  You’re probably not alone.

Here at PhotoShelter we’re lucky enough to be connected with thousands of photographers through sites like Facebook and Twitter.  So we decided to take a look around to see what we could find out about what makes photographers successful in social media and what is holding others back.  After some sleuthing we’ve come up with 7 likely reasons why some photographers are not finding success:

  • #7    You don’t have a goal.
  • #6    You’re a self-centered loudmouth.
  • #5    You’re a terrible listener.
  • #4    You’re a garden gnome.
  • #3    You have a volume problem.
  • #2    You’re missing a yardstick.
  • #1    You’ve got 140 characters and no soul.

To determine if you’re suffering from one of these symptoms, and to hear our “tough love” suggestions on how to turn things around, read the rest of the article at A Picture’s Worth.

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